Quadro Chess and Checkers – For 4 players!

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(Português) Com as regras padrão para jogadores de 2, 3 ou 4. Ambos os jogos são particularmente adequados para famílias e iniciantes de xadrez ou damas.

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Quadro – chess and checkers for four! The special gaming experience! With the well-known standard rules for 2, 3 or 4 players. Both games are particularly suitable for families and chess or checkers beginners. For example, beginners can learn from experienced players in doubles – two on two! Instructions in German are included, and English, Spanish and French versions can be downloaded from the homepage. Quadro Chess and Checkers is a strategic entertainment game for 2 – 4 people. The basis of this game is the conventional 2 player game. The previous 64 fields increase to 128 fields. 2 x 8 fields were added to each side of the board. These are used to set up the figures and also as a play area during the game. The number of pieces per player remains – as in traditional chess – the same, with checkers the pieces are reduced to 8.

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-4 Figure sets 16 in black, white, yellow and blue made from plastic
-King height: 77 mm playing area size = 50 cm
-Square Dimensions: 35 mm
-4 x 8 Dame stones in black, white, yellow and blue made from plastic
-Diameter = 28 mm

Weight 1,4 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 0,3 cm

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