Little Fritz. Learn and train chess (Portuguese only)



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This exhilarating CD-ROM was specially developed for kids. Learn and enjoy the strategic, tactical and funny chess lessons.
This is the best chess software for beginners. Unquestionably the best way to learn chess!

Through the funny story and with the help of Fritz and her cousin Bianca you will learn all the chess rules. Furthermore, you will learn the chess strategies (ex.: value of each chess piece) and technicals (ex.: back-rank checkmate and opposition).

After successfully concluded all the practice games, you can play a chess game against the computer. At any time you can return and play against the computer with different levels of difficulty.

Developed by ChessBase and recommended by German Chess Federation, for children above the age of six years.

System requirements:
WIN 95/98/ ME/ XP/ Vista
32 MB RAM (16 MB of free memory)

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